The Do’s And Don’ts Of An Interview: How To Land Your Dream Job

An Interview for a job is your gateway to the world of career building.  Landing an interview with any firm is the hardest step for any new comer to the job market. A lot of employers are demanding and they require the best capabilities in their prospective employees. Therefore the selection process for an interview can be really taxing.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fresh graduate or someone who’s been working for the past 30 years, getting an interview and than sitting down with your prospective employer to have a discussion about your future can be really nerve wrecking.

Therefore we have devised a number of ingenious steps to help you with your Interview jitters, and make sure that you get land the job you set out to get.

Things to Do in an Interview:

  1. Make sure to dress appropriately. It makes a really good impression if you appear presentable.
  2. Be on time. Punctuality is one of the basic tenants, an interviewee is looking for in their prospective employee.
  3. Be articulate, make sure to express your self. Be confident and clear in your thoughts and try to have a dialogue.
  4. Make sure to carry all the necessary documentations with you at all cost. It gets really handy to have the relevant documents to refer to when talking about one’s achievements and qualifications.
  5. Maintain eye contact with the person you are talking to. If you are being interviewed by a panel make sure to look at each of the members for 1 to 2 seconds to give them the idea that you are including all of the members.
  6. Be assertive, You can talk about the preferences you have about the job and reach an amicable solution for both parties. You have to be aware of how to fit the job in your schedule and negotiate accordingly.
  7. You have to be calm and composed. Remember that they already like you, because they have called you over for an interview. Firms or Employers in general do not call everyone for an interview, so you should feel good about yourself and use that confidence to take the interview in a positive direction for yourself.
  8. Arrive to an interview with a clear mind. It’s all fun and games to joke about how directionless your life is, but for an interview you need to be in that mental space where you have your future laid out in front of you. If it helps do some thinking before hand and visualize your life, say five years in the future. It is worth a try.

Things to Avoid in an Interview:

  1. Avoid dressing too casually, an interviewee will not look too kindly to a causal employee.
  2. Keep in mind to be professional. If you have had previous work experience, do not make inflammatory remarks about your previous workplace. That is very counterproductive in an interview.
  3. Do not fidget. Yes it is a nervous situation but try to keep your mannerisms in check.
  4. Avoid excessive hand gestures, likewise try and avoid sitting like a statue. Make sure to find the right balance between your expression and speech.
  5. Do not interrupt the interviewer while they are talking. Listening is an important aspect in communication make sure you remember that when being interviewed.
  6. Don’t be dishonest to the person asking the questions. Avoid lying about the abilities that you do not have, it may damage your future prospects and also if you get the job by lying it would cause problems for you whilst doing the tasks given.
  7. Avoid talking about the salary and other perks related to the job. That conversation is to be initiated only by the person who is leading the interview. Make sure to be tactful once asked about your expected salary. Do not be too greedy and ask for the first ball park figure that comes to your head.
  8. Do not give monotonous responses. Make sure to give well rounded answers.

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