Should Paid Internships Exist?

Finding the right job can be hard. Especially for people who are fresh out of college. The practical field requires experience. Which, a lot of newly graduated students lack. The university life is a well guarded bubble which insulates it’s students without really making them interact with the outside wold.  Therefore to break this layer of insulation, a lot of students look to work as interns for various firms.

Why Internships?

People want to seek Professional Development. As mentioned, internships provide good experience. The students can learn about the practical field. The Fresh Graduates can test themselves in real world scenarios and decide to peruse or forgo a career. Therefore internships become an integral part in the job search Eco system.

What Does the Law Say?

According to the law of the land, there is no legal precedence on whether or not an employer be obliged to pay his/her intern. Despite the ambiguity a lot of multinational companies operating within the country, offer paid internships owing to the international standards which require the operating firm to pay any one working in it’s wing on any capacity.

Why Don’t Companies Offer Paid Internships?

There are a lot of firms, who do not offer paid internships. They have different reasons to do so. A company sometimes would look to outsource work and would look for college students to do it, but due to the small scale of their business they would look to hire non-paid interns.

Another reason is the workload, i.e the amount of work for an intern is considerably less than a full time employee, so in the employer’s mind that does not justify a monetary return for the work done.

Case for Paid Internships:

Paid Internships are essential, when it comes to increasing the motivational aspect for  a job. People who are entering the market to search for a career defining job need such motivations. If there is no monetary incentive given, chances are that many prospective job seekers would opt out of doing internships.

Which would then cause a massive shift in the kind of competent workforce needed to make sure that a venture survives the cut throat world of business.

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