5 Effective Ways To Assess Candidates’ Soft Skills In An Interview

Headhunting for candidates, suitable for a particular job can be a tiring aspect for any prospective employer. To find the right balance between the technical skills and soft skills needed in a job, is hard to find. According to a lot of leading headhunting firms; candidates usually show a mixed array of skills during an interview. 25% of which is comprised of more personal level attributes which enables someone to interact with other people in an effective manner.

A candidate may have a resume filled with glittering achievements, but to really differentiate between the high end candidates and your run of the mill employees, one must have a keen eye to find the people with an indispensable array of people skills. Hence. understanding and addressing any candidate’s soft skills is quite a challenging job but here are some tactics from which you may easily evaluate them.

  1. Submerged Communication:

Good communication skills matter. One can gauge communication skills through any form of  dialogue. Make sure to ask tactful questions. Ask them how they will interact with people in different situations. How will they respond to conflicts? How will they interact with new people coming in? What will their strategy be to maintain good report with their fellow colleges. These set of questions can help identify the candidates skill with regards to communication.

  1. Professional Terminology:

Another important aspect is; professionalism. To measure the level of ethical integrity in a candidate. A professional individual will avoid bad mouthing his/her previous work space. They will avoid using derogatory remarks for an ex boss or an ex college.

  1. Mannerisms:

Is the candidate slouching during an interview? Are they flinching or fidgeting? Are they feeling queezy? Does their eyes wander every where instead of making proper contact with the person asking the questions? If the answers to these questions is in the affirmative, then the candidate lacks this particular skill.  Body language and Mannerism is an essential soft skill to have. It enables the candidate to show his/her tenacity. Plus it ensures that the employer can have confidence in delegating the tasks to such an individual who is put together and focused.

  1. Knotty Skills:

Giving a candidate a set of targets in lieu with the companies customer relations can help asses this soft skill. A candidate with this skill set should be able to handle different scenarios effectively. With a target oriented mind set the candidate can maintain on course. Which invariably helps in giving the candidate an edge over other candidates.

  1. Sticky Actions:

Providing them online tests based on tricky questions and or giving a chance of handling a temporary project with your team instantly. It may seem a bit unexpected but it can jolt the candidate’s conscious level. It can also make them find creative methods in  treating a situation. This would then ultimately reveal their soft skills regarding leadership, company knowledge, and their ability to work with diverse groups.

Modern workplaces demand that the candidates possess expertise in soft skills. Although they may face sterner competition on the basis of educational achievements. Having the right people skills will always help give them an edge.

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